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Olympique Gaulois Class 2010

Olympique Gaulois Class 2010

Olympique Gaulois Class 2010

The generation that revolutionised and modernised the Gaulois Institution 🇫🇷

We owe to this Generation 2010 what the Gaulois are today: the structure, the launch of the 2nd team in Equatorial Football League (2011), the logo (2012), the chart (2013), the social network (Facebook 2013), the Coqs d’or awards (2015), the 3rd team Gaulois Veterans (2019), the Gaulois community (forever) and...the results (on going 😂😂😂)

By that time, the OGS was playing on grass every week, continuously bottom of @cosmoleaguesg with rivals @hollandsefc , struggling to get a starting 11 every Saturday, broke and recruiting with flyer displayed on a board at the French embassy. Another era 👴🏻

Wearing the jersey sponsored by @icecoldbeersg , some familiar faces here for the ones lost in limbo in Singapore: coach JB Marseille, Sebastien, Jeff, Yohann, Captain Nicolas, Yann, Prasoon, Julien, Audouin, Hugues, Ouali, Alex, Xavier. Missing important players on that day such as Chris, Lionel and Unni

The best stories of the Gaulois are yet to be written by the future generations.

Stay tuned, another huge milestone to happen early 2020!

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